Tenant Screening and Placement Services

Accepting tenants without proper screening can turn out to be a nightmare down the road. Before inking on lease agreements, it is essential to perform background checks to obtain a well-rounded picture of your tenant. We are in for property owners who may not have time and the right tools to complete the screening of tenants.

At Wolfnest, we run thorough screening of all tenants, handle the documentation process, and hand over the property to you once we place the right tenant in the rental property. Our tenant placement and screening services are suitable for landlords of all types who are looking for expert property management services to get the right tenant in the right property.

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Service Description

Tenant placement services from Wolfnest Real Estate & Property Management is a dream come true for Utah landlords with a history of problem tenants. In this option, we will locate, screen and place a qualified tenant in your Salt Lake City rental property and then turn the day-to-day management over to you.

What makes our services unique?

Many Salt Lake City Utah property management companies don’t offer tenant placement services because they rely on high monthly management fees. We believe all Utah landlords should have access to the great tenants provided by professional screening features.

Who buys tenant placement services?

This service is designed for Utah landlords with single family or multifamily rental properties, who can handle the monthly management of their rental, but have a hard time finding good tenants. Most management issues begin with bad tenants or a weak lease, and this option solves both of those problems for landlords. If you have trouble locating good tenants, do not have access to tenant screening features, or require a court tested lease, then this is the right option for you.

What is Tenant Placement?

Tenant Placement is the journey to a long process of getting a tenant into a rental property, whether it be commercial or residential. This journey essentially begins at the very start of the vacant rental property and leads the property being occupied by a tenant. 

As a rental property owner, this process can be daunting and time-consuming. That’s why various property owners seek property management companies to fulfill these duties.

Why Should You Screen Potential Tenants?

Screening prospective tenants allows you to assess possible risks you would be taking by renting to them. Avoiding costly evictions, property damages, and court injunctions against your tenants start with a comprehensive tenant screening process.

Besides checking credit history, obtaining criminal records, liens, employer verifications, sex offender status, and bankruptcy reports is equally important. As a property owner, performing credit, criminal and eviction history checks for every applicant can be an uphill task.

As such, property management companies enable busy landlords to take advantage of professional screening of prospective tenants to prevent unnecessary trouble in the future.

Wolfnest can quickly access an individual’s credit information from credit bureaus. We also have access to major criminal data databases, placing us at a unique and advantageous position of screening tenants accurately and quickly. A process that can take you weeks can barely take us a day!

Our tenant screening services ensure that you have responsible tenants who pay their rents on time and take care of your property. Don’t be swayed by smooth talkers and those who place deposits and first rent in cash. Rely on a full tenant report to get a holistic view of all applicants.

Documentation And Compliance For Tenant Placement

Property owners are required to adhere to federal and state regulations when dealing with applicants and tenants. Complying with rules set up by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is invaluable when doing background checks on tenants.

Wolfnest has a legal team that helps landlords in preparing court-tested lease documents and other documentation that is needed to ensure that you don’t go at loggerheads with authorities. We use a streamlined information capture system that allows us to screen and place tenants for you for your various vacant properties.

Additionally, we continuously monitor changes in the regulatory landscape by reviewing FCRA, TCAC, HUD, HOME, RHCP, MHP, and other regulatory agency policies. This ensures that our lease agreements and conduct with clients are in compliance with the law.

Marketing- How To Find Renters For Your Rental Property?

Often ignored but crucial aspect of getting good tenants is the marketing model one uses to reach out to tenants. When you use social media and other methods that can be difficult to filter out bad tenants before beginning the screening process, you might end up settling down for an ‘okay’ tenant.

Wolfnest advertises your property on high-traffic legit rental sites. We mix offline and online lead tracking and acquisition strategies to get good tenants within a short time.

What we will do:

  • Professionally photograph your vacant property
  • Develop persuasive marketing ad copy
  • Advertise your vacant property on our website
  • Marketing your property listing on several of the internet’s most visited rental sites
  • Install a sign in the yard
  • Prepare marketing materials
  • Create 24-hour information line with text messaging capabilities
  • Implement our call tracking and lead capture technology
  • Follow up with prospective tenants
  • Show your vacant rental unit
  • Run eviction and background checks and pull a credit report for every occupant over 18
  • Verify rental history and financial qualification of all applicants
  • Negotiate lease terms on your behalf
  • Prepare and execute the lease agreement and addendums
  • Collect security deposits and first months rent
  • Conduct a move in inspection to document your property’s condition
  • Turn all paperwork and deposits over to you

Additional services we offer:

  • Maintenance assistance
  • Quarterly interior inspections
  • Lawn and Yard Care
  • Snow removal services
  • Pest prevention and control
  • Weed control services
  • Rent ready repair package

Learn more about our single family management services by downloading our FREE owner packet. You’ll receive a no obligation management quote, rental analysis and our pricing structure.

If you are a property manager in Salt Lake City who can handle ongoing management of your rentals but need someone to take care of the tenant screening and placement process, Wolfnest is the perfect solution. We quickly place thoroughly screened tenants on your single or multi-family properties at an affordable price. Contact us below to talk to an expert for more tenant screening services and tenant placement information.

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