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We pride ourselves on being the industry leaders of customer service for our property tenants. Need a speedy response to an after-hours maintenance request? Would you like help understanding an unclear clause in the lease agreement? We are always happy to help our tenants however we can.

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Whether you’re looking for a condo, duplex, townhome, or single family home in Utah, you are sure to find your perfect new home here.


“Wolfnest is your connection to rental properties throughout Utah.” Wolfnest manages hundreds of properties, so we’re pros at connecting tenants to properties and people to homes. Find a place to live and start your new life today!

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Are you ready to apply to be a property tenant? Learn more about our applicant criteria here.

Tenant Resources

If you are new to renting and don’t know where to start, our resources will help you know what questions to ask and how to avoid scams.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please submit a tenant support request or give us a call.



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