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Salt Lake City, Utah Single Property Management

A direct result of the financial crisis of 2008 is a dramatic shift away from homeownership in America. In 2004, a record high 69.2% of Americans owned homes. Today, this rate has sunk to a 15-year low of 65.4%, and with another 6 million foreclosures expected, could fall below the historical average of 64.5% – a level not seen since the 1970′s and 80′s. In summary, millions of former homeowners have been pushed into the renter pool. This new class of renter, however, likely has a family and will not return to cramped apartment living. The amenities they demand are part of the fastest growing segment among renters – single-family homes. At Wolf Nest Property Management, We provide industry-leading property management services to Utah single-family rental owners.

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Marketing, Screening and Leasing

Comprehensive Vacancy Marketing

We provide excellent exposure for your vacant rental with a proven marketing plan including online, print and on site marketing. This all-inclusive strategy includes popular Utah rental sites like Property Pond, KSL, Craigslist and a host of others.

Enhanced Marketing Services

Each week your property remains vacant costs you money. That’s why we offer enhanced marketing services that will get your property rented quickly. This includes a virtual tour for prospective tenants and submission to dozens of popular rental websites.

Property Leasing

We field all calls on your rental property and our highly trained leasing agents will handle all property showings. In fact, our aggressive staff will guarantee you a tenant within 30 days or we start waiving fees.

Tenant Screening

Prospective tenants are measured against our strict application criteria and are thoroughly screened with nationwide criminal and eviction background checks. We also verify employment, contact the previous two landlords, and review a full Experian credit report before approving any new tenant.

Move in/out Inspections:

We conduct a thorough property inspection ahead of any move in to fully document the condition of your property. The same inspection is conducted when a tenant moves out to make sure your home is returned in the same great condition it was delivered.

Inspections and Maintenance

  • Interior Inspections:At the interval of your choosing, we will thoroughly inspect your rental property to address routine maintenance issues and protect the condition of your investment.

  • 24/7 Emergency Maintenance: Your Utah rental property is in the hands of true professionals twenty-four hours a day. Each of our approved vendors are Better Business Bureau certified, carry all required state licenses and are fully insured.

  • Re-keying Services:Failing to change your locks between tenants can cause safety issues and raise liability concerns. For this reason, we offer affordable re-keying and keypad door lock upgrades.

  • Lawn Care and Snow Removal:We offer complete yard maintenance including mowing and edging services in the summer months as well as snow removal when the weather turns. This ensures that your yard will continue to look just as amazing as the day you rented it.

  • Weed and Insect control:We provide owners with services that protect against all of mother natures furry. This includes lawn fertilization and weed control services as well as regular spraying to keep insects out of your rental property.

Rent Collection and Property Accounting

  • Detailed Statements and AccountingOwners can access a variety of reports within our customizable web based owner portal. Here, you’ll find owner statements, tenant directories, and paid work orders along with dozens of other, more detailed, accounting measures.

  • Rent Collection ServicesOur aggressive collection techniques ensure that rent is received from your tenants in a timely manner. If it isn’t, immediate steps are taken to initiate the eviction process and collect any unpaid balances.

  • Electronic PaymentsSending checks by mail creates an unnecessary delay for you and a needless expense for us, so we offer the convenience of direct deposit via ACH transfer. By utilizing this handy service, we receive rent from your tenants more efficiently, reconcile accounts quicker and pay our owners faster

  • Utility and Mortgage Payment ServicesOwners can turn over all property responsibilities including monthly mortgage and utility payments to our staff. We will pay all property obligations and simply send you the remaining balance, making our management services a turn-key solution.

  • Tax Data PreparationOur detailed accounting platform makes tax time easy with a comprehensive packet that outlines all income and expenses as well as provides all IRS required documentation. This packet can then easily be forwarded to your CPA or tax professional.

Additional Services

Eviction Protection Coverage: Evictions can be very expensive. For this reason, we offer comprehensive eviction protection that covers you in the event we must file an unlawful detainer action against any tenant we place.

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