Multi-unit Management

Salt Lake City, Utah Multi-Unit Management

With rental supply at the tightest levels in over 20 years and rental demand at its peak in 15 years, 2012 is a great time to own multi-family housing in Utah. In fact, heightened demand has pushed vacancy rates lower for nine consecutive quarters in Salt Lake City alone.
This supply and demand imbalance means that rents are on the rise in Utah. So, has your property seen a significant decrease in vacancy or a rent increase lately? If the answer is no, your current property manager may be to blame.
Take it a step further with this simple test. Call your manager and ask them how to calculate internal rate of return. Chances are the answer you’ll get will be less than intelligible. Then ask yourself, “Shouldn’t my property manager understand the metrics that are important to successful apartment management?”
At Wolfnest Property Management, we are Salt Lake City real estate investors ourselves and understand the vital role property management plays in apartment investing. Better management means more income and more income means a more valuable investment property.

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Exclusive Multi Family Features

Property Planning and Budgeting:

Each multi family property we manage has an annual strategic planning session where yearly budgets are set, maintenance issues are addressed, and a resident retention program is implemented.

Designated Property Manager and Leasing Coordinator:

We assign each multi family client a property manager who will oversee the day-to-day operations of your property. This individual will also operate as your point person for any questions or concerns.

Detailed Performance Metrics:

Our technology goes well beyond the typical owner statements offered by most property managers. You will have access to detailed accounting statistics and valuation models that show the true performance of your investment.

Cost Effective Fee Structure:

Our streamlined business model allows us to keep costs low, so we are able to offer some of the lowest property management fees in the industry for apartment owners.

Staff Management:

We will assign, train and coordinate your entire team of property managers, leasing agents and maintenance professionals.

Essential Property Management Services

  • Property Marketing and Vacancy Advertising:At Wolfnest, our tested marketing system combines online and property marketing to find qualified tenants quicker and fill vacancies faster.

  • Tenant Screening and Placement:Our tenants are screened against our rigid qualification standards with full eviction, credit and criminal background checks along with employment verification.

  • Rent Collection and Accounting:Our collection procedures ensure that rental payments are processed quickly and proceeds dispersed to the owners by convenient ACH transfer.

  • Quarterly Inspections and 24/7 Emergency Maintenance: We will inspect the properties we manage regularly to proactively manage maintenance issues and only use licensed and insured local vendors.

Additional Services

  • Eviction Protection Insurance:Avoid costly evictions with our protection plan. If a tenant we place in your rental requires an unlawful detainer action, we will pay the court costs.

  • Exposure Marketing Package: Filling a vacant rental is all about exposure. Our web-based marketing package will showcase your rental across dozens of rental listing websites.

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