I’m finished being a landlord

Landlord horror stories are almost as cliché as lawyer jokes. Everybody’s heard one. Problems like maintenance calls at 2 AM and stories of tenants who pay three months late are recited over and over again by friends and family. In fact, if you are reading this, those examples might even be tame compared to what you’ve experienced. But, did you know that almost every landlord horror story has one thing in common? The landlord is at least partially to blame. Now, before you take offence, you must hear the why. This is almost always the case because most landlords simply don’t have access to the tools necessary for the job. Like a mechanic trying to fix your car without a wrench, it’s nearly impossible to effectively manage rental properties in Salt Lake City without tenant screening features, state specific leasing forms, reliable maintenance vendors and a thorough understanding of Utah landlord/tenant law. The fact of the matter is being a landlord isn’t easy. Nevertheless, many people treat it that way and it often results in disaster – Hence all the stories. To put it in perspective, if everyone tried to represent him or herself in court, you’d hear a lot more crazy lawyer stories (and a lot less jokes).

The solution? Hire a full time Salt Lake City property manager!

Advantage #1

Management costs less than turnover The average cost of a single tenant turnover (one tenant moves out and another moves in) in Utah costs between $2,500 and $3,500 in expenses and lost rental income. Professional Salt Lake City property management from Wolfnest can cost as little as a third of that per year.

Advantage #2

We have the resources you don’t We have access to and pull credit reports, background checks, and eviction database results for every applicant. On top of that, we use leases prepared by landlord/tenant lawyers, have access to eviction attorneys, and an army of maintenance professionals available 24/7. Advantage #3 – Avoid the headache Fixing broken toilets and chasing down rent checks can be a real pain. Wouldn’t you rather just receive effortless income in your mailbox each month?

Want to learn more about what solutions we offer for landlords? Check out our Full Service Leasing and Management Services, Management Services for Existing Tenants, and Tenant Placement Services.

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