Renting from a landlord vs. a Salt Lake City Property Management Company

Renting from a landlord vs. a Salt Lake City Property Management Company

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Does renting from a Salt Lake City property management company offer advantages over renting from an individual landlord?

Property management firms in Salt Lake City have a tremendous value to an owner, but as a tenant, you may wonder how a Salt Lake rental property manager can benefit you. Depending on your situation, these companies can be just as valuable to a tenant and more effective than renting from an individual landlord. Below are three reasons why every tenant should consider using a Salt Lake City property management company:

Reason #1: More advanced tools – Unfortunately, the tools utilized by a rental property manager and an individual landlord are not always equal. Most property management firms in Salt Lake have evolved to making renting a home much easier by accepting online rent payments and submitting maintenance requests through an online portal, while many landlords have remained content with having tenants mail a rent check each month and placing a phone call that may or may not be returned for each maintenance issue. If you want to take advantage of the tools that make renting a home more convenient for you, you may want to consider leasing from a company that specializes in property management in Salt Lake City.

Reason #2: More consistent communication – Consider this scenario…you have an issue with your rental property and have tried reaching out to your landlord. You wait for your email and phone calls to be returned, but you never hear back. Unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence when dealing with an individual landlord. While many property management firms in Salt Lake City have drawbacks, you can expect a level of consistent communication before entering into an agreement and also during your tenancy.

Reason #3: Better service – If you have ever had a maintenance issue with your rental property, you know how long it can take before the landlord fixes the problem. Property managers in Salt Lake are experienced in prioritizing maintenance issues and having them resolved in a timely manner. It’s the Salt Lake City property management company’s job to take care of all maintenance and repair issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At the end of the day, if you find a property that works best for you, you should consider leasing it regardless of whether it is managed by an individual landlord or property management company in Salt Lake City. If you are a tenant that is interested in renting a home in Salt Lake City, please consider renting from FRE Real Estate and Property Management. Please click here for a list of our available properties.

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