I’m moving and need a property manager

Here is a statistic that will blow your mind. According to the Salt Lake Tribune and the U.S. Census Bureau, almost one in five Utahns move each year! That’s a staggering statistic (and one that tells me to buy stock in U-haul!).
With our populous so frequently on the move and the current real estate market making it difficult to sell, many Salt Lake City rental property owners find themselves in a tough spot. Sure, managing your rental hasn’t been a problem so far, but challenges always increase with distance.

You inevitably start asking yourself questions. Questions like:

How can I possibly show my property when it’s vacant?
How will I know if my tenants start using the lawn for RV parking?
Unfortunately, the answer is you can’t, and you won’t.

Solution? Hire a professional Salt Lake City property management company!

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Advantage #1

We take care of your property like it’s our own

We got into this business because we personally own rentals, and we know what it takes to run them efficiently. Our powerful screening features help us avoid bad tenants, our rent collection procedures make sure you get paid on time, and our BBB approved local vendors keep your property well maintained.
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Advantage #2

Our service is actually affordable

We’ll tell you right now that we aren’t the cheapest provider, but the service you’ll receive isn’t cut rate either. Instead, we allow you to pick and choose only the services you want, provide comprehensive Salt Lake City property management tailored to your needs, and reward your long-term business with our loyalty pricing.
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Advantage #3

You won’t feel disconnected

Even though we will handle everything for you, you won’t feel out of the loop. In addition to rent checks, you’ll receive monthly statements documenting all property accounting, final say on any major repairs, and the cell phone number of your personal property manager for any questions or concerns.

Want a detailed description of the services we offer? Check out our full service leasing and management services.

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