3 Tips to Make Each Rental Property Showing Count

3 Tips to Make Each Rental Property Showing Count

You may have the best rental property in the state of Utah, but if the home doesn’t show well, you may have a difficult time finding a tenant. Not only will your home remain vacant for a longer period of time, but you could cost yourself thousands of dollars in lost rent.


One of the most important decisions you can ever make is to take the necessary steps to make your property as attractive as possible to all renters. Your number one goal should be to have everyone that schedules a showing to leave the property thinking one thing: I have to have that home!


Below are three tips that will make your Utah rental property stand out above the crowd and get your vacancy filled faster:


  1. Make the Home Shine – The number one thing you should do before the first showing is break out the Mr. Clean and make the home shine. It is amazing what a little elbow grease can accomplish; it will definitely make your home more appealing to potential renters. Make sure and clean all windows, vacuum the floors, and dust all furniture. This will definitely make your rental home stand out!
  2. Re-Arrange the Furniture – Before potential renters walk-through your property, you should arrange the furniture in each room to maximize the space.  You will want the furniture to help make each room appear larger than it may actually be. This is especially important if the home has a room that may be smaller than average. By arranging the furniture correctly, it will also help the “flow” of the home to be comfortable and spacious. It is always a pain to move furniture around, but it will help land a tenant.
  3. Get Rid of the Clutter – By owning a home, it always seems like you accumulate “stuff” at a very fast pace. It is really important to try and remove as much of the clutter that you can before a prospective tenant walks-through your rental property. Once again, it will make the home seem larger than it would otherwise and is more visually appealing to a renter. Depending on how cluttered your home is, it may take you some time, but I guarantee it will be worth it in the long run.


I know that it is always easier to show your rental property “as is”, but by putting in the work to make your home stand out, you can reap the rewards of finding a tenant to sign a lease agreement as soon as the property is listed. If you have any questions about how to make your property stand out for each showing or if you are considering hiring a property management company, please contact us at FRE Property Management. We are the premier property management company in Utah and will provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your investment is being taken care of. Contact us today at 801-673-5692.