Layered Window Treatments are Energy Efficient

Layered Window Treatments are Energy Efficient

In this colder season, you may be looking to your windows to help keep your home cozy and warm, shutting out biting winds and inclement weather. It’s no secret that expanses of glass absorb the outside temperature and transfer it inside, so how can you make your windows work the best for you? Follow these simple steps!

  • First, check all your windows to be sure the weather stripping is in good shape. Overtime, weather stripping can dry out and develop cracks, allowing air leaks. These drafts around windows and doors will make your heating and cooling systems have to work harder.
  • Double-paned windows are another way to reinforce your home against the effects of harsh weather and they provide the added benefit of noise reduction.
  • Consider layering your window treatments. Just as an outfit with a jacket and scarf is warmer than a shirt, multiple window coverings provide additional insulation and protection for your home and help lower your utility bills.

See how the right window treatments can help you create a style perfect for your home by combining high fashion with practical functionality. The same way you accessorize your clothes using patterns, textures and colors, layering window treatments presents endless design possibilities for updating your home.

Layering with Blinds

Window blinds are a popular choice for window coverings because they’re always in style, extremely durable, and they come in dozens of styles and colors, including wood, faux wood, vinyl, aluminum and elegant fabric blinds. Our blinds can be customized to fit any shape window or door, horizontal or vertical. All the design options of color, texture and finish make them an ideal window treatment for any room in your home.

As a stand-alone window treatment, blinds have a clean, modern look. Blinds block sunlight and harmful UV rays, have adjustable vanes for light manipulation and control privacy and they provide insulation when closed. They can also be paired with curtains and drapery panels, giving you a layering look that enhances your lifestyle by increasing insulation. Layering drapes over blinds will help keep the cold out and the warm in.

Layering Drapery Designs

Some people prefer having only fabric treatments on their windows. They’re generally easier to clean and may be more cost-effective than other treatments. Luckily, wanting all fabric doesn’t hinge your options for layering techniques. A traditionally popular style for windows and doors is full-length sheers with a heavier drape on top. The sheers create soft, filtered light with a low-level sun protection and privacy during the day. Adding an opaque drapery gives you the option of complete privacy when the drapes are closed, as well as increased insulation due to the extra layer of fabric.

Layering with Sumptuous Shades

Window shades are the most versatile window treatment around. With options like top-down/bottom-up, cordless lift and motorization, you will be provided with complete light and privacy control. Custom shades range from light-filtering to room-darkening to complete blackout. These shades include Roman shades, roller shades, pleated shades, solar shades, woven wood and bamboo shades, and cellular and honeycomb shades. Dual-fabric shades uniquely combine pleated fabric and light-filtering cells in one shade.

As with blinds, window shades can be paired with curtains or drapery for stylish home décor or improved insulation. They filter light during the day, while giving you complete privacy at night by closing the drapes. The drapes add extra insulation against the cold, and in especially cold climates, the heavier the lining, the more energy-efficient they become.

Blindspot will help you maximize your window coverings for increased energy efficiency in your home with innovative ideas and creative designs that will transform your home. Contact Blindspot today at 801-915-0906 to start redecorating your home and lowering your gas bill.

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