The Perfect Architectural Accent

The Perfect Architectural Accent

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Sliding barn doors are a unique way to update any room in your home. When you shop at Artisan Hardware, you have the ability to mix and match different sliding barn doors with barn door hardware. Imagine a brightly colored classic door with iron hardware to accent it or even a glass door with chrome or stainless steel hardware. With Artisan Hardware, the options are limitless.

Mid-Century Sliding Barn Doors

When it comes to a stylish, rustic sliding barn door, the Mid-Century is perfect for you. There are multiple panel options that give you the perfect amount of light for your room.

As for a Mid-Century barn door, the classic black barn door hardware is the perfect accent. It doesn’t take too much away from the door, but still stands out in style.

Classic Sliding Barn Doors

The classic barn door design is suitable for any style home whether modern or rustic. It can be a bright main piece in a white minimalist room or it can blend into the wall! Wherever you choose to put it, this versatile architectural accent will surely stand out.

One of the best things about choosing a sliding barn door is that the color options and stains are only limited by your imagination. Its presence allows a subtle upgrade in your closed off or open room.

You can really make these pieces a showpiece or just a functional door with a tiny footprint. It’s all up to your imagination. As they say, the door is wide open.

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