7 Things to Look for in a Utah Property Manager

7 Things to Look for in a Utah Property Manager

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Selecting a property manager for your Utah rental property can be a very confusing process. Almost every management company does things a little differently and you will see a wide variety of fees charged and services offered. So where should you start? Here is a list of features to look for when choosing a Utah property manager:


Aggressive Tenant Placement

Vacancy can be your largest expense. Look for a proven marketing system that locates Utah tenants quickly, experienced leasing agents who show property after hours, and technology that streamlines the placement process.


Strict Tenant Qualification and Screening

Choosing the wrong tenant can cost thousands of dollars in lost rental income, eviction expenses and damage to your property. Make sure your management company does nationwide eviction and criminal background screening as well as credit and financial qualification.


Groundbreaking Technology

Like many other industries, technology is changing the way Utah property managers do business. Make sure your property manager offers powerful features like online rental payments, 24/7 access to statements and reporting, ACH payment solutions, and web based marketing features.


Efficient and Cost Effective Maintenance

When maintenance issues arise, they need to be dealt with swiftly, effectively and with an eye toward keeping costs low. Make sure the Utah property management company you choose has strong relationships with local BBB approved vendors who are both licensed and insured.


Transparent Accounting and Reporting

You should demand to know how every dollar of your Utah rental property’s income was spent. In addition to detailed trust accounting, make sure your property management company can provide annual tax documents as well as key performance metrics such as rent rolls and a 12 month cash flow statement.


Easy to Understand and Fair Pricing Structure

Unfortunately, property management is a business where the consumer must watch out for hidden fees. Be sure to read the management agreement in full and make certain you understand the true costs of hiring your Utah property manager.


No Cancellation Fees

This should be obvious, but why would a Utah property management company charge a cancellation fee? Well, because they have an issue with people wanting to cancel! Make sure you can void your property management agreement at any time without penalty.


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