Tenant Screening to Protect Your Property

Tenant Screening to Protect Your Property

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Tenant Screening to Protect Your Property

As a Salt Lake City property management company, you should have already formulated a tenant screening process to help prevent any unwanted tenants from slipping through the cracks. Having a proper tenant screening process is helpful for property management companies in order to avoid any mistreatment to their properties, find renters who will pay their rent, and protect current renters. As a Salt Lake City property management company, you should have a proper application just for screening tenants. Here are some must-have questions on your application:

1. Name, address, driver’s license, and phone number

2. Current and past landlords with contact information

3. Social security number and date of birth

4. Current and past employers and contact information

5. Release of information signature

6. Have they ever been evicted or broken a lease

Other questions to also consider in your tenant screening process/application:

  •      Total household income
  •      Requested move in date
  •      Any felonies
  •      Any reasons why they would be unable to pay rent
  •      Credit Score
  •      How did you hear about the listings
  •      How many people will be living here
  •      Number and types of pets

As a Salt Lake City property management company, having a proper tenant screening application will help you find the perfect tenant to fill your rental properties.For questions or more information, contact us.

Property Managers in Salt Lake City

Property Managers in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Is the Place to Be!

Home to the 2002 Winter Olympics, a nationally ranked transportation system, and a breath-taking landscape view… It doesn’t get much better than living in Salt Lake City.



You will have access to hidden gems in the valley that are unique to only Salt Lake City. The downtown scene offers local boutiques and contemporary restaurants such as The Pie Underground, a popular pizzeria located right next to the University of Utah. Grab a slice, then jump into the mountains and enjoy a day of hiking, kayaking, or floating down rivers in the summer sun. During winter time, experience first hand why Salt Lake City holds the title of “the greatest snow on earth”, with world class ski towns such as Park City only 20 minutes away. From the mountains, to downtown, to the airport, everything you need or want to do is accessible within a thirty-minute radius. Property managers in Salt Lake City, such as FRE Property Management, will work with you to find the best location, community, and property available in the Great Salt Lake Valley.


Location, location, location!

Nowhere is there a better, more easily navigable community than Salt Lake City. With Temple Square as the reference point, street names are based off how many blocks away (North, South, East, West) it is from Temple Square. Set up as a grid system, further East from Temple Square results in higher numbers on street names, like 300 East (3 blocks East from Temple Square). “On the corner of 300 E and 400 S” then becomes easy to navigate. Simple, right?

In addition to easily finding your way around town, Salt Lake City offers old and modern properties in different locations, depending on your wants and needs. Property managers and owners in Salt Lake care about retaining estates built in the 1900’s–it’s what makes Salt Lake City so unique and charming. With the help of tenants and owners, maintenance and remodeling has kept the buildings in well-conditioned service. From the avenues, to Capitol Hill, to downtown, property managers in Salt Lake City will help you find a permanent or temporary living area that satisfies your requests. If you are an owner, FRE can help you improve the performance of rental properties and your business running smoothly.


Let FRE Property Management Help You

Here at FRE, our property managers in Salt Lake City make sure that both owners and tenants are well taken care of. Reasonable maintenance requests are managed in a timely manner, and we work closely with the owners to make sure tenants are happy. FRE provides different ways for tenants and owners to contact us when needed. A 24-hour information line, electronic owner statements, and online payments all help to make service and living easier for you. We chose the industry’s best software provider so that we can offer you the most enhanced features available in the property management industry. At FRE, we care about your rental property and the satisfaction of your tenants. For questions or more information, please contact us.