What Your Future Tenants Might Want

What Your Future Tenants Might Want

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Are you looking for tenants, but are unsure what they are looking for in an apartment. There are basic things which your future tenants will be looking for like the living space, appliances, and the atmosphere of where its located. Lets see if your rental house fits the bill.

Room to Breathe

A spacious living space can really attract a stream of eager tenants or keep your current tenant satisfied. Increasing the square footage of your rental house might not be a possible solution, but there are other ways to get around this problem with out disrupting your tenants, and not end up being to costly at the same time. Here is one way you may make your rental house look more spacious without renovations. Create an illusion of spaciousness by staging a setting, which will inspire your future tenant. A minor adjustment to the architecture is another great way to enhance the space. Even a small step or an elevated table can create an impression that the apartment space is larger then it actually is. Subtle changes can make a drastic impact on the rental house living space.

Community Spaces

Community spaces is becoming one of those things that most tenants are looking for while searching for an apartment or a rental unit, because this allows the tenants to hold gatherings and parties without worrying about the lack of space. Having community space allows the tenant to have source of freedom and ownership in the apartment or rental unit, it also gives them a chance to mingle with the neighbors. Some of the more popular community would be: lounges, pools, community gardens, grilling stations, or dog parks anything that will give a tenant a place to call home.


Tenants are always looking for the best deals, throwing in some extra bonus can be what sets your rental house apart from the other competitors, but beware if you do decided to add some extra services for your tenant you are responsible for any problems or complaint that may occur. For example if you decided to give all your tenant internet access be sure to roll the cost into the price of the rent, and be prepared for complainants if some internet problems were to occur you are the one responsible to resolving the issue. Having a gym is another bonus that you may add into your rental house or apartment, your tenants will save time and money from traveling back and forth from the gym. Your gym doesn’t have to be world class but keep in mind that you want to have the basic equipment available for your tenants. Future tenants might also be looking for if the rental house is furnished, or has appliances included. If you decide to include appliances, don’t always get the cheapest appliances because they could end up being more work or cost you more in the long run, rather then skimping out for a cheap appliances go for a decent to higher end product that will last for a while. Spend your money wisely, a little more money can go a long way.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when trying to rent out an apartment or a house. For more information or help you can visit our website at http://wolfnest.com/